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52 Weeks of Trails - Week 38- Big Tree

In case you missed it, we've introduced our challenge to you for 2014-- 52 Weeks of Trails.  Each week we'll blog about a trail (hike, bike, snowshoe, and paddle!) and we hope you enjoy and share your experience with us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and/or Instagram using #52weeksoftrails.  Happy Trails!
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Big tree5Length & Difficulty:

1km | 15 mins |  Easy


Big tree2

Big Tree Recreation Site is not a misnomer; it is the home to a truly big tree!  It's believed to be the largest existing tree on the Sunshine Coast.  The hike to the tree and picnic area is relatively short (only 1/2 km) on a wide, smooth path that is friendly to all manner of users-- hikers, trail runners, and bikers.  The path wraps through old growth Douglas Fir and second growth-- but all the trees reach to breathtaking heights.  The grove is just scattered enough that it allows for a surprising amount of sunlight to sneak through-- the late afternoon light on this September day danced through the leaves of the trees and allowed for a warm glow to filter over the forest. 

The area is fairly remote so you'll want to be sure to watch for wildlife and pack in and pack out your garbage!  The Big Tree trail connects to a host of other hiking and biking trails of varying difficulty so you can certainly go for a longer journey if you so choose.

Directions (or view the Trail Map)


Nine kms north of Sechelt on Highway 101, and 400m before Trout Lake, take the Halfmoon-Carlson Forest Service Road which leaves the highway at a small rock quarry on your right. Proceed exactly 2.8 kms on the main logging road, ignoring spurs to the left and right. As soon as you pass the bridge, the trail head and parking area will be immediately to your right.

Share your adventure on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and/or Instagram using #52weeksoftrails.
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