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Horseback Riding

The Powell River Trail Riders Club, founded in 1965, is a great place for people to connect with other horse people in Powell River. With over 200 horses in the area, it’s a large horse community! Join us for the monthly club meeting on the first Monday of every month at the clubhouse to see what we’re all about.

Visit our About Us page for more info on the PRTRC.

History in Horses

Horses have been roaming and racing across our continents for more than 50 million years—much longer than man has even existed. They were domesticated some 6,000 years ago and have served as war veterans, transporting food, supplies, and people, plowing fields, transporting goods to market along with providing entertainment and a special bond like no other animal has in our history. We have created over 200 breeds, from the tiny miniature horse to the speeding Thoroughbred. Millions of people’s heart and soul resides with their equine companions.
In Powell River, horses played an integral role in logging industry, the backbone of our community. Teams were used to haul logs out of the bush as well as moving rolls of paper at the mill. There has been a long standing partnership between man and the horse in the Powell River area.

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