Explore the Trails – Valentine Mountain

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Valentine Mountain

Valentine Mountain has one of the best views of the Powell River area.  Here you can enjoy a panoramic view including Townsite, The Mill, The Hulks, lakes, ocean, mountains, and beyond. It truly is a beautiful sight and just one of the many great hikes that Powell River has to offer.  Its a very short uphill trail – just less than 1km in length, complete with about 100 wooden/rocky steps.

At the top, enjoy a picnic and explore some of the smaller trails around the summit. On the east side you can see Cranberry and Mowat Bay. If you head to the North side you will get a spectacular view of the Powell Lake Marina and Scout Mountain. This hike is great for couples and families as it is short and fairly simple, while also offering you a great taste of the Sunshine Coast!

ValentinemtnDirection to trailhead: Follow Joyce Avenue North until it ends at Manson Avenue. Then take a left on Manson Avenue and follow it for about 5 minutes until it ends on Cranberry Street. Take a left onto Cranberry Street and drive approximately 500 meters until you reach Crown Avenue.  At the road’s end you can park and then begin your climb up the mountain to see 360 degrees of our city and surroundings.

· Map: Valentine Mountain 

· Geocaches – there is 1 geocache in the park. If geocaching is new for you, it’s a real-world treasure hunt, so don’t miss out on the fun.

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