Explore the Trails – Mount Daniel

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Mount Daniel

When it comes to hikers, most of us are looking for that rewarding view from the peak.  Mount Daniel takes the cake in Pender Harbour when it comes to offering a spectacular view without having to hike a whole day to get there.  In fact, the hike only takes about an hour one way (4 km, approx).  With that said, its a bit of a grind uphill (rated difficult due to the steep grade of the trail) so be prepared to put your fitness to the test!

Sitting at 440m high, this gem of a hike overlooks Pender Harbour’s unique waterways as well as many of the surrounding mountains, lakes, and ocean.  Again, the views are absolutely breathtaking and not to be missed!  The trail is mostly a single track, soft dirt path with sections of rolling granite towards the peak.  Mount Daniel is also a special place in First Nations history (and a protected archeological site!), as legend would have it the mountain was used not only as a look-out point for the harbour, but also used as a rite-of-passage area for young women entering into adulthood.  You may even see remnants of the “moonstones” – an ancient circle of rocks used for meditation by native women.

Once you reach the top– take time to rest and soak in the views.  Perfect spot for a picnic too, just be sure to pack out what you bring in.  On your way down, watch your speed as the steep grade of the trail can lead to injuries if you find yourself going too fast.

Chris Thorn Photography

·Direction to trailhead: From Hwy 101 headed north, turn left onto Garden Bay Road.  Follow the road for about 3.5km, then park in the gravel pullout/dirt road on the left side just past Oyster Bay Road but before you reach Garden Bay Lake.  From the parking area, follow the gravel road up just a ways (200 metres or so) where you will see the sign for the trail head.

· Trail Map

·Geocaches: there is 1 geocache in the park. If geocaching is new for you, it’s a real-world treasure hunt, so don’t miss out on the fun.

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