Explore the Trails – Mud Lake Trail

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4+km  | 2-3 hours |  Easy (hike); Moderate (mtb)

The trail to Mud Lake is interconnected within the Duck Lake Trails network.  Given that many of the trails loop and criss-cross, it gives you lots of options for picking your route.  From the starting point, you can take any number of paths to get to Mud Lake, but the most straighforward, direct path is just about 1.8km one way.  If you’d like a longer hike, you can most certainly make that happen by combining your route with a stop at Duck Lake or heading further north to Haslam Lake.  The Mud Lake Trail is marked with grey-on-red trail markers. 

As soon as you enter this trail you are greeted by a beautiful wooden bridge that leads to a fire pit surrounded by handmade benches. Quaint wooden walkways are sprinkled throughout this trail and if you head north on the trail first, you will pass by Haslam Lake, Stewart Lake AND Deer Lake. Deer Lake is the jewel of this trail with a picnic spot overlooking the serene lake. You are sure to make a few frog friends during this hike!  This is also a great hike for you and your dog. Be prepared to come across a few other four-legged friends, so keep your dog on a leash.
Mountain biking is permitted on the trail, but the conditions can vary greatly making it a less desirable biking area at times, largely due to thick mud in the rainier seasons.  If you do plan to ride, the beginning portions are slightly more technical (roots, off-camber) but are worth the rewarding smooth singletrack that follows.

• This is a multi-use trail frequented by mountain bikers- so be kind and yield to other users on the path.
• Pack water and some snacks or your stomach will be growling at you by the end.
• Stay bear and cougar aware! Bear claw scratches were seen on some of the trees.
• Don’t wear white running shoes and expect them to stay that colour on the Mud Lake Trail!


From town, take Joyce North and then turn left onto Manson Ave. Take the first right onto Cassiar St and then the first left onto Yukon St. From there turn right onto Haslam St and follow it until you come to a fork in the road. Go right onto the gravel road called Haslam Lake Rd. You will come to three roads. Stay right. Follow this for 5 to 10 minutes until you see a large concrete block with “Squirrel Crossing” written on it on the left side of the road. You will see this trail right before reaching the tip of Duck Lake. There is ample space for parking on the side of the road. Once inside the trail there will be signage to guide you through.

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