For many, there is no traveling without your furry four-legged friend.  The Sunshine Coast is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise, and that is no exception for the dog in your life. Expedia has even named Gibsons as the 13th most Insta-Worthy Destination to Visit with your Pet (check it out here)!  

Here’s our Top 5 Dog Friendly Activities for you and your pup to enjoy on your next visit to the #sunshinecoastbc.

Dog friendly hiking at Cliff Gilker Park in Roberts Creek

#5 – Go for a hike — There are almost endless trails on the Sunshine Coast– whether you are looking for a short stroll or a multi-day trek.  While almost all the trails allow for pets– some require dogs on leash and others do not.  Check out the off-leash parks in Sechelt or in Gibsons.

dog at beach 2
#4 – Hit the beach  Beaches are plentiful on the Sunshine Coast and many allow for well-behaved dogs to be off-leash.  Pay attention to signage but otherwise enjoy!  Lots of driftwood makes for a great game of fetch on the fly and if your pup enjoys a swim this will be the perfect spot to play.

Snowshoe Dog 1
#3 – Go snowshoeing! Thinking of visiting this winter?  The Sunshine Coast is home to excellent snowshoe trails.  If you’re staying on the Northern end of the coast, check out the Knuckleheads trail network.  On the Southern end of things, Dakota Ridge Winter Recreation Area allows on-leash dogs on the snowshoe trails.

dog accommodation
#2 – Stay at a pet-friendly accommodation – Finding a place to stay when out of town with your pet can be a challenge– but not to worry– there are many pet friendly accommodations on the Sunshine Coast.  Try using the advanced accommodation search tool and be sure to check Yes on the “Accepts Pets?” option to see a list of accommodations that are able to welcome you and your furry friend for the night.

#1 – Townsite Park in Powell River –  A fenced in, off-leash dog park in Powell River’s Historic Townsite district, this park offers a great place for dogs to socialize– and their owners, too.  Sunday lunchtime is one of the popular pooch hang out times, with upwards of 50 dogs.  Here’s a handy map to find the park.

Please use your best doggy etiquette at all times.  There are some simple rules for owners to follow:

• Make sure your dog is wearing a current license tag on their collar and that their vaccinations are up to date.
• Always pick up after your dog and dispose of waste in a garbage bin.
• Owners must obey all park and trail rules and relevant parking requirements.
• Ensure you have control of your dog and are in sight of your dog at all times.
• Owners are personally liable for any damages or injury inflicted by their dog.
• Do not allow your dog to dig holes, chase wildlife, or damage the environment in any way.

Enjoy your pet-friendly vacation to the Sunshine Coast, BC!

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