In recent years, a growing photography community on the Sunshine Coast has emerged. This is due largely to Instagram. With Instagram, people have been able to find other like-minded individuals around them that they may have never discovered otherwise. As these relationships increase over social media, it becomes a community.

Instagram Shot - Ryden Custance
The lookout by Port Mellon log sorts. Image by Ryden Custance.

Instagram has not only created a community of photographers on the Sunshine Coast, it has shed light on many Sunshine Coast photo spots. Places where you would not instantly think of going to, are now able to be explored. With that being said, it almost encourages photographers to go out further to places they’ve never been to before on the Sunshine Coast, just for that unseen shot or unique location.

Instagram Shot - Ryan Judd
The end of the pier by Ryan Judd.

In the process of looking for a unique location or different shot, people gain a better appreciation for the Sunshine Coast’s diverse environment and multitude of different west coast landscapes. Sometimes when you’re out exploring a part of the Sunshine Coast you’ve never been to before, you stumble across a view you may have never seen before. It’s those moments that inspire photographers to go further and explore deeper.

Instagram Shot - Damon Berryman
Reflecting at Trout Lake. Photo by Damon Berryman.

What is there to do after you’ve explored it all though, or weather will not permit further exploration? The subject matter in photographer’s pictures changes. I believe it’s a natural cycle, where the photographer looks to increase their skillset and begin taking portraits. This is another way in which Instagram has created a community. Not only is there a relationship between fellow photographers, but also with models and portrait subjects.


To celebrate this community, Sunshine Coast Tourism is holding an Instameet on August 12th at 1 PM in Gibsons’ Landing. We will meet in front of the Gibsons’ Visitor Centre. An Instameet gives photographers the chance to meet-up with other photographers in a concentrated area and take pictures together, share ideas, and just generally have a good time. Bring your camera or your phone and feel inspired to take your pictures to the next level. For more details on the event, check out our event.