The beginning of 2018 saw the celebration of the 17th annual Powell River Film Festival at The Patricia Theatre.

Movie-goers once again had a chance to dig a little deeper than Hollywood for their film-fix and find satisfaction in their own backyard. At this year’s Film Fest, local talent was, as always, boasted and showcased, support was displayed, and pride was shared. A treasured event, Powell River Film Festival 2018 was as memorable as ever. Missed it? There’s always next time.

Photo: Shauna Andrews

Year after year, the PRFF brings together masses of curious movie-lovers to watch critically-acclaimed cinema, and to get a closer look at the depth and detail that the filmmaking industry requires.

The event is put on by a local not-for-profit organization and is powered primarily by volunteers. However, the encouragement shown for the PRFF doesn’t just come in the form of volunteer support; it’s fueled by an overall community presence, from the attendees to the sponsors and beyond. At the heart of the PRFF, audiences get to share inspiration with neighbors, engage in thought-provoking conversation about world cinema, and snack on locally-supplied food and drink.

Photo: Shauna Andrews

The kind of excitement and support shown for the PRFF by the community is not only a loyal nod to the importance of the event, but to the Patricia Theatre itself.

Opened in 1913, the Patricia is the longest-running theatre in Canada. It entertains today’s audiences, but also keeps its roots deep in Powell River.  Just as today, this historic theatre found in this small, secluded coastal town, has offered up some of the most engaging and social opportunities which continue to bring like-minded people together.

Photo: Chris Thorn Photography

Yet the Patricia is home to more than just a history. After nearly closing a few years ago, Powell River came together and rallied to make certain that it’s only theatre stay alive.

The legacy of the Patricia, and its present success, is and will be one of the most significant and momentous stories in Powell River; it can not be clearer that the town’s inhabitants are nowhere near letting it go. The Patricia might be a relic from the beginnings of its origin, but it still serves as a place of congregation for families, movie-lovers, and those just looking for something to do on any given night – and, of course, its special role as host to the annual PRFF.

Photo: Shauna Andrews

The Powell River Film Festival exists outside of its annual week-long presence; the inspiration sparked by the Festival reaches into homes through its conversational aftermath; it is voiced through poetry-slam expeditions inspired by thoughtful filmmakers; it is displayed through interactive art installations. The PRFF has even crossed over into the school district, offering wonderful opportunities to the Powell River Digital Film School.

Photo: Shauna Andrews

Don’t miss the opening and closing receptions of the Powell River Film Fest; they always succeed in gathering together a crowd vibrating with excitement, delight, and curiosity.

From the vivacity of the volunteers to the warmth of the viewers, the unique repartee that the community has with the Powell River Film Festival is unparalleled and irreplaceable.

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