I help people find peace in their relationships to Self, Others and to Spirit.

I offer two-hour sessions out in nature, on the phone or by video chat. I can help you with many kinds of emotional and spiritual issues. I use intuitive, humorous and creative ways to see the underlining patterns that keep people stuck, and then focus on a more positive perspective, filled with love and empowerment.

I’ve been a “coach” my whole life! Helping people in need. But when I turned 20 (29 years ago now) I became super passionate about discovering and sharing ways to heal our wounds and step into our power. Early on in my journey, I was fascinated to notice that mystics and scientists have taught similar perspectives about how we are all connected and how our perception profoundly affects our experience.

If you would like my help, please reach out and call, text, or email me.

~ Mike Allen, As the Crow Flies
Smiling at strangers since 1972