Founded by Martin DesRosiers in January 2015, Beachcomber Coffee Company Inc. is a craft coffee brand on a mission to redefine the coffee experience. Beachcomber Coffee itself is an award wining 3-bean blend of select, shade-grown organic Brazilian, Costa Rican, and Guatemalan coffee beans paired with a proprietary small-batch, craft roasting process that’s 20x more energy efficient and outputs 20x less the emissions compared to traditional coffee roasters. 

Craft roasted by hand in Vancouver BC, we use a clean air artisan coffee roasting process to ensure a premium quality coffee is created while focused on sustainability. We’re unique in that we don’t offer different blends, roasts, and varieties; Beachcomber Coffee is synonymous with our specific 3-bean blend which took more than 4-months to perfect and has won numerous awards! Read more about why Beachcomber Coffee was started!