Welcome to our harbour in the heart of Gibsons Landing!

Our outstanding location, desirable facilities, and breadth of services make the Gibsons Landing Harbour Authority an ideal mooring point for pleasure crafts and commercial vessels alike.

We offer temporary moorage for vessels up to 110ft as well as a day float for stopovers up to 4 hours.

Moorage is First Come First Served, so plan to set out early to claim your spot on the dock!

Our harbour services include: Power (15A, 30A, 50A, 100A), Fresh Water, Pump Out Station, Washrooms and Showers, Coin-Operated Laundry, Garbage and Recycling, Wi-Fi, 3000kg Hoist and Commercial Loading/Offloading

What to do around the Harbour?

Set off from the wharf on wheels with a rental e-bike from Scotty’s Scooters in the summer or take a scenic tour on a water taxi year-round. Pick up the catch of the day at the Dockside Seafood Sales Boat while watching fishing vessels and tugs come and go.

You’ll find artisanal food and gift shops, galleries, and cafes within steps of the docks. Stroll along the waterfront boardwalk, stop for a pint at one of the local breweries and or a bite at one of our unique restaurants, including Molly’s Reach, made famous by CBC’s The Beachcombers.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always happy to direct you to the best beaches, trails, and parks. They might even offer you insider tips on where to go that only the locals know!