Rejuvenate yourself among coastal inlets & mountain ranges on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. At Metta Eco Experiences, we offer our guests a unique opportunity to form an authentic relationship with nature that is based on opening our awareness and natural senses to the feeling language of our world.

Our journeys include Ocean Kayak Tours, Night Kayak Bioluminescence Experiences, Classic Wooden Boat & Small Boat Charters and Magickal Forest Wellness Walks.

Whether you are interested in an adventure experience, a sightseeing tour to learn about the story of the land, or taking a relaxing ride to see the Spectacular Scenery and local wildlife, Metta Eco has an experience for you to enjoy!

We use Current Design Libra XT double kayaks and have high-quality safety gear. Our qualified facilitator guides are knowledgeable, insightful and experienced. They will frame your experience based on your comfort zone and introduce you to safe and exciting ways to journey in the natural world.

Our goal is to provide a variety of means and ways for you to experience the incredible BC Sunshine Coast!