Sunshine Coast Shuttle (SCS) is a charter transportation service along the Northern Sunshine Coast in Powell River (qathet Regional District area), British Columbia.

The trail views may be serene but the logging roads to get there are remote. Whether you are heading out for that once in a lifetime camping trip with your friends, checking out the world famous Sunshine Coast Trail, or just heading back to your home in the middle of paradise, we get you here…

The growing popularity of the 180km Sunshine Coast Trail proved the need for a shuttle service, and Sunshine Coast Shuttle hit the (logging) road on October 1st, 2016.

SCS is deeply rooted in Powell River and the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, providing shuttle, resupply, outfitting, and related services to those interested in hiking, sightseeing and exploring remote areas including the Eldred Valley, Knuckleheads, Emma Lake, Freda, South Powell Divide, SQWIM, Mt. Alfred, and other alpine hiking destinations.

Our veteran drivers will relay current trail conditions, are well skilled in safely navigating active forest service roads, and all our vehicles have registered VHF radios, allowing safe communication and travel any time of day.

Lighten your load and let us resupply you at one of the many direct-access points along the trail. We can securely hold any equipment, food, or drink you wish and drop them off at a remote location of your choosing. Typically hikers hand over their bag/box during their initial shuttle, and we meet them in person at their chosen location and time.

SCS can outfit most equipment needs that arise, and will pick up any items to include in your resupply. Whether you need a new tent pole, blister pack, moleskin, tent patch kit, bear spray, camp fuel, iso-butane, Eagle Walz’s Sunshine Coast Trail Guidebook, Map, firewood, duct tape, bug spray, etc., we have you covered.

We can also provide charter bus service for your upcoming wedding or other event, as we own a 21 passenger bus, and 10 passenger van.