If you live on the Sunshine Coast, we encourage you to explore your community safely and responsibly. For our future visitors and travellers, we look forward to welcoming you back to the Sunshine Coast when the time is right. More information and future travel inspiration here.

The islands of the Sunshine Coast region range from small and uninhabited to larger islands that are home to a handful (or more) of full time residents.

The more popular destinations like Texada, Savary or Nelson Island are a second home for summer dwellers that desperately need their fix of island paradise at least a few weeks each year. Much like the communities of the Coast, each island has its own personality, geographical traits and cast of characters that make it unique.

Each island can be accessed by private boat, some additionally by water taxi, and the largest, Texada Island, boasts public ferry service and commercial airline service. Services and amenities can be limited, so visitors are encouraged to plan ahead to make the most of their island time.