Out There – Nelson Island

Operator: Liz Kelly

“We dreamed of building a rustic, luxurious off-grid oasis. Out-There was designed to gently “fit-in” with minimal impact.

We worked hard to maximize a coastal temperate rain forest setting: harvesting rainwater, and reducing our carbon footprint at every step.”

Actions Implemented:
-Solar & Wind Power provides our power, with backup generator
Wood framed yurt, energy efficient round building structure
LED lighting and energy star appliances
-Above building code insulation and energy efficient windows
-Rainwater Harvesting and a grey-water system return for local flora
-Low-flow showers with on-demand hot water and composting toilets
-Locally sourced fresh foods with onsite composting
-Guest toiletries are chemical free, biodegradable
-Homemade guest soap and cleaning products
-Donate recycling to our local community hall in Egmont
-Donate 4 seedlings to Tree Canada Programs per booking

Shades of Jade

Operator: Sylvie Bruce & Will Schmidts

“We selected this property because of it’s beautiful big trees in a park like setting which inspired our B&B name”
“Growing up on the Sunshine Coast gave me a huge appreciation for nature and our duties to protect it. If we all chip in and encourage others what a difference it will make. Making recycling and composting easy for guests is one start down this path.”

-Drip line irrigation
-Linens replaced upon request with reminders for water conservation
-All LED lighting with evening lights on timers
-Easy and comprehensive recycling and composting bins in each suite
-Geothermal Heat Pump for heating and A/C
-High insulation values in building including windows
-Bus service and amenities in walking distance supports car free travel

The Old Courthouse Inn

Operator: Kelly Belanger

“We feel taking these steps are the responsible thing to do. If we are all doing our part by going green that is the way to go. It’s easy really.”
Let’s Talk Trash is a fantastic local resource that helped us get started on this path.

-LED lighting
-Compostable takeout containers via Aaron Service
-Comprehensive recycling and composting program onsite
-Cycle Friendly with bike storage
-New efficient boiler for heating and hotwater

Up the Creek Backpackers Bnb

Operator: Martin Prestage

“We reserve on-site camping exclusively for cyclists. That means turning down the odd driver. We might lose the occasional driving customer, but cyclists know that even arriving late they have a place to lay their head. Sustainability is more than just checking boxes on a list. If you’re starting out, its your passion to make a difference that counts”

Actions Implemented: 
-Comprehensive visitors recycling
-Water conservation reminders
-Loaner Bike program
-Air Dried Laundry 16 years and counting
-LED lighting

Lund Harbour House

Operators: Christine Hollman & Hugh Pritchard

“As our business name implies, we believe that all beings, and all things are connected to our natural environment, either directly or indirectly. This includes us as the human animal on this planet. It is our hope that our experiences will kindle those connections… For us, it’s all about empowering people through impactful, hands on experiences and of course, having fun!
Actions Implemented:
• Lo-flush toilets
• Built using reclaimed and recycled materials
• Locally produced custom furniture and artwork
• Recycling and composting service for visitors
• Green cleaning products used on site

Pointhouse Suites on Sargeant Bay

Operators: Heather & Bob Newman

“We started our first BnB in in the North and it relied on water trucked to the property and stored in huge underground cisterns. Thoughtful management of every drop became second nature.”
“It is surprising to have people arrive so unaware of basic steps they can take to reduce waste. We need ways to prompt and help re-educate visitors of those values and practices.”

Actions Implemented: 
-Livable Design and Water Management
-Landscaped with Drought tolerant plants
-Level 2 EV Charger for Guests
-A Responsible Visitors Charter
-Sustainable Materials and Practices, and more