Stakeholder Partnerships & Engagement

Collaboration, cooperation and coordination are the key to great partnerships!

As we transition from a member-based model to a stakeholder one, this is the perfect time to take stock of what we all think tourism on the Coast should look like moving forward. What type of destination do we want to be and how can we connect with the right travellers? 

We look forward to working with you to grow and shape the development of the Sunshine Coast as a destination. Together we can show that a thriving tourism destination has the potential to be a positive experience for both visitors and locals alike.  

We hope to:

  • Develop a diverse and robust tourism product that increases year-round visitation and local engagement and support
  • Create a strategy that encourages repeat visitation from responsible and respectful visitors who want to visit/ live like the locals do
  • Put more emphasis on the experiences, the land and the people of the Sunshine Coast
  • Focus on sustainable growth over efforts to grow tourism at any cost
Board of Directors

Ongoing Partnership Opportunities

Find a number of ways to begin collaborating with us and your fellow industry partners, increase your knowledge, and take advantage of your website listing.


Current Time-Sensitive Partnership Opportunities

These opportunities for further promotion and partnership opportunities are offered on a time-sensitive basis to all of our registered stakeholders. Please check back often as we will add more opportunities as they arise.

Funding Sources

Future Partnership Opportunities

Check out these opportunities that will be available for future participation.

Current, Time-Sensitive Partnership Opportunities

Ongoing Partnership Opportunities

Future Partnership Opportunities

Please see some of the future opportunities that will be available to registered stakeholders at various times throughout the year. Once these opportunities become available, we notify our stakeholders through our Industry Newsletter – please make sure you are subscribed and set as a trusted contact to ensure our communications land in your inbox!

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