Stakeholder Partnerships & Engagement

Collaboration, cooperation and coordination are the key to great partnerships!

As we transition from a member-based model to a stakeholder one, this is the perfect time to take stock of what we all think tourism on the Coast should look like moving forward. What type of destination do we want to be and how can we connect with the right travellers? 

We look forward to working with you to grow and shape the development of the Sunshine Coast as a destination. Together we can show that a thriving tourism destination has the potential to be a positive experience for both visitors and locals alike.  

We hope to:

  • Develop a diverse and robust tourism product that increases year-round visitation and local engagement and support
  • Create a strategy that encourages repeat visitation from responsible and respectful visitors who want to visit/ live like the locals do
  • Put more emphasis on the experiences, the land and the people of the Sunshine Coast
  • Focus on sustainable growth over efforts to grow tourism at any cost

There are several ways we can align our efforts and work together and communication is king – if you haven’t already, please sign up for the monthly SCT Newsletter. We recently added a table of contents so you can quickly jump to the information that is most relevant to your business.  

You can also work with us to discuss ideas for packages, promotions or specials. Our media/stakeholder relations specialist would be happy to brainstorm and/or assist in making connections within our networks that might be beneficial to your business. 

If you already have a travel deal, promotion or package please share it with us. We will post your specials and packages on SCT’s Travel Deals page (which connects to HelloBC’s Way to Save in BC Page) Industry partner travel deals will also be posted and shared on Instagram and Facebook.  

Other ways to work with us include hosting visiting media, participating in cooperative advertising campaigns/consumer shows, attending workshops/events and much more! Please reach out to arrange a phone/zoom/in person meeting to discuss your current marketing efforts and how we can work together. Contact Andrea Wickham-Foxwell at

Media Relations

If you have ever picked up a magazine on a plane or stumbled across a travel story online and thought, ‘Wow, I’d like to visit that town, stay in that hotel or try that experience…”, it’s likely that the creator of the story (media) worked with a media relations specialist to get the job done. 

At Sunshine Coast Tourism, our Media Relations specialist works with traditional and non-traditional travel and lifestyle media to raise positive profile and awareness for the region by generating “earned” editorial coverage. This includes print and online publications (digital content), TV and radio, and online influencers who have large or niche audiences on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter & YouTube. User generated content (UGC) created by visitors or local residents on popular social media platforms, blogs and discussion forums can also influence travellers in their vacation planning.   

In all mediums we want to tell stories that showcase the best products, experiences and attractions to encourage people to choose the Sunshine Coast as their vacation destination. 

We do this by drafting storylines/pitches; arranging and hosting media visits; attending  media events; and providing photography or other visual assets. It is a competitive and long-term process, but the ripple effect of a good media relations campaign and the resulting coverage can generate great stories for years to come. 

To build and maintain lasting relationships with the media we need to provide them with fresh story ideas and unique insights to the Sunshine Coast. That is where you, our industry partners come in – it’s your business and your stories that make the Sunshine Coast such a special destination! 

There are several ways to work with the SCT media relations team:  

  • Create and/or share your newsworthy story lines (yours or another local business)
  • Participate/host a press trip or individual media visit with complimentary services (or media rates) to your: accommodation, food/beverage or experiences
  • Develop partnerships/promotions with other industry partners  (we can help make those connections) 

If you are interested in working with the media,  would just like to discuss story ideas or need assistance vetting direct media inquiries, please contact Andrea Wickham-Foxwell at

Cooperative Marketing

Each year we apply to participate in Destination BCs Co-operative Marketing Partnership Program which offers $1 for $1 matched funds for approved marketing programs for organizations like SCT. Wherever we see a good opportunity to reach our markets – and take advantage of our cooperative marketing benefits –  we take them!  Throughout the year we invite our partners to join us and take advantage in a number of marketing opportunities, including:

Sunshine Coast Travel Guide

Published annually, our Sunshine Coast Travel Guide showcases the best of all the Coast has to offer from Howe Sound to Lund. Filled with spectacular photos, community overviews, key attractions and activities, itinerary suggestions and more, this guide is sure to draw visitors to the Coast and serve as a keepsake for visitors to share with friends and family at home. Don’t miss the opportunity to advertise in this guide!

Consumer Shows

Each spring we participate in a few key outdoor shows in Vancouver, Alberta, Washington State and elsewhere to meet face-to-face with potential visitors to promote the Sunshine Coast. Partners have the opportunity to provide rack cards for distribution at the shows and sometimes even join us to help promote the Coast and all our partner businesses.

Print Advertising

Each year we target key travel publications in which we place ads to attract our various target markets. Partners are often invited to join us in these publications.

Sector Marketing

We participate in a number of tourism sector publications, including: Ahoy BC (boating); BC Ale Trail; BC Farmers Market Trail; Coastal Circle Route; Fishing BC; and Mounting Biking: Sea to Sky Biking. We invite our partners to join us to showcase their own offerings in these sectors, whenever the opportunity exists.


Periodically we find opportunities to advertise in other publications like brochures and maps. When we do, we share them with our partners too.