By becoming a Sunshine Coast Tourism Society Registered Stakeholder and partnering with us, you become part of the broader Sunshine Coast Tourism community, enabling you and other industry partners to collaborate and collectively reach a promotional level that no one business could achieve individually. Banding together with other local tourism businesses gives you a stronger voice and helps shape a thriving year-round tourism economy on the Sunshine Coast!

If your business or association is already listed on the SCT website but you haven’t registered since the NEW Stakeholder Registration opened on September 10, 2021, you’re not currently a partner – and need to REGISTER!

What is a Registered Stakeholder

Businesses, associations or government bodies within the Sunshine Coast; and/or which are directly or indirectly engaged or interested in tourism and/or the economic welfare of the Sunshine Coast; which meet the criteria for the relevant business category for the Society; and which register with the Society and are approved as a Registered Stakeholder. 

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Here are some of the many benefits of being a Registered Stakeholder. Of course, the more you participate and take advantage of these opportunities the more you will benefit, so we look forward to your participation!

  • Website listing on our online Partner Directory promoting your business with contact information, website and social media link, photos and description. 
  • Discounted cooperative advertising opportunities in print, online and radio campaigns, and at industry trade shows
  • Industry sector marketing opportunities
  • Exposure to our 50,000+ social media followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube
  • Promotion of your specials, packages and booking deals on the our website and on social media
  • Access to our wealth of industry knowledge and intelligence, educational workshops, business development events and informative newsletters
  • Potential opportunities for inclusion in targeted media hosting and itineraries
  • Brochure Racking opportunities at the Gibsons and Sechelt Visitor Centres
  • Collaborate with other tourism businesses to market the Sunshine Coast and attract more visitors
  • Opportunities to serve on the Board of Directors and participate on committees

We are constantly creating new opportunities and ways to collaborate with our partners as our industry grows.

Registered Stakeholders

The stakeholder model enables SCT to embrace all tourism-related business and organizations in the region as industry partners, and therefore no longer requires payment of membership fees.

VOTING Stakeholder

A Voting Stakeholder is any tourism-related business in good standing, that has electronically registered affirming that their business meets the criteria appropriate to their business type AND who have participated with Sunshine Coast Tourism through at least one Stakeholder contribution within the 12 month period since the previous AGM to maintain their voting status. Registered Voting Stakeholders are eligible for nomination to the Board of Directors for Sunshine Coast Tourism and can vote in any regular, annual or special meeting of the association. This means you will have a voice into the development of the tourism industry on the Sunshine Coast. 

Note: the Stakeholder contribution requirement will be waived for the 2021 AGM and carried forward to the 2022 AGM.

NON-VOTING Stakeholder

A Non-voting Stakeholder is a business that meets the criteria but is not considered a direct tourism business AND businesses and organizations having met the Stakeholder criteria for tourism-related business, who have not participated with SCT through a Registered Stakeholder contribution. These businesses will be considered a stakeholder of the association, but will not be entitled to vote. Non-voting stakeholders are eligible to participate in SCTs stakeholder contribution opportunities.

Stakeholder Contribution

Opportunities to Participate

  • Cooperative Marketing: Annual Travel Guide, Consumer Shows, Print Advertising, Brochure/Map Ads 
  • Sector Marketing
  • Racking at Visitor Centres
  • Board/Committee participation
  • In-kind participation valued at over $100 including, but not limited to:
    • Media Hosting
  • $100 fee in lieu of participation

Check the SCT – Tourism Stakeholder Criteria to see if your business qualifies as a VOTING or NON-VOTING stakeholder.

Ready to Register?

Fill out the registration form to join Sunshine Coast Tourism.