The Sunshine Coast is one of the premier mountain bike regions in North America. No need for your bike to gather dust all winter! Here you can ride 365 days of the year.

Come marvel at the incredible beauty of the sea while enjoying the lush forests in the mountains. The array of different terrain accommodates every style and level of rider. There is everything from adrenaline pumping downhill to technical cross-country. The Southern Sunshine Coast is known for its smooth natural flow trails where you glide effortlessly through spectacular scenery. And the Northern Sunshine Coast is notorious for its phenomenal XC through vibrant old-growth forests.

The Southern Sunshine Coast is only a short 40-minute ferry ride away from Horseshoe Bay with trails easily accessible by car or bike. Sprockids Park is mere minutes from the ferry and boasts fantastic trails for all rider levels. Continue on to Roberts Creek and you will find fast and fun pedal-up or shuttle-access downhill tracks in the B & K trail network. If you are a cross-country enthusiast, we recommend heading to West Sechelt and Halfmoon Bay.

Travel a little further north to discover hundreds of kilometers of singletrack and no crowds. Powell River has challenging, technical and fast trails through coastal rainforest – particularly in the Duck Lake trail network. Maintained by a thriving scene of committed local riders and trail builders, Powell River’s mountain biking trails are blowing visitors away with the amazing quality and volume of singletrack. Powell River also boasts an incredible bike and skateboard park with jumps, ramps, wall rides, fun boxes, and even the first ever concrete poured pump track in North America.

Biking on the Coast is largely community driven with active clubs such as the Sunshine Coast Cycling Club (SCC), the Sunshine Coast United Mountain Bikers (SCUMB) and Powell River Cycling Association (PRCA). If you follow the Freeride scene you may be familiar with the Coastal Crew. The team of friendly bikers have successfully spread their passion for biking through visual media and are now concentrating on their year round bike park, Coast Gravity Park.