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Hidden Grove

HIdden-Grove1Thanks to Coracle Cove Waterfront Suite for sharing their trail tips and photos with us for another great guest blog. Coracle Cove is situated on Sechelt Inlet just a short jaunt away from Hidden Grove.  The owners love sharing the beautiful Sunshine Coast with their visitors and write a blog called “Everything Sunshine Coast“– local tips for visitors.

“How good is this… a walk through a beautiful forest and a chance to do some photography – sounds like the perfect outing for me!! Hidden Grove is just five minutes from Coracle Cove and I’ve been spending a lot of time there lately.

A series of wonderful trails has been created over the past few years and a second, widened trail with a good smooth base has just been finished by the hard working crew of volunteers. Both are perfect for the wheels of your choice – a wheel chair or a child’s stroller – providing increased access to a broader spectrum of users.

There’s a cultural history component to the trail system as well. Shortly after entering the trails you’ll notice several trees which have undergone bark stripping. The shíshálh Nation who have settled the area for several millennia, continue to harvest the bark of the cedar tree to make traditional baskets, regalia and clothing. The bark is relatively thin and grows back quickly.

The history of Hidden Grove is also one of survival… survival from natural fires of several centuries ago, which left charred bark up to a foot thick on the largest Douglas firs. More recently, the area was scheduled for logging but the local community rallied together and Hidden Grove has been saved again.

Today these precious 125 acres have been set aside solely for recreation and less than 5 minutes away from Coracle Cove, they provide our guests a nearby opportunity for both solitude and a re-connection with nature.

The main trail rises gently, passing rocky outcrops and mossy plateaus and I branched off to the yellow trail to take this picture. The trail wound its way around a large outcropping of rocks and the view from the top was outstanding. It shows the very narrow stretch of land upon which the town of  Sechelt sits and how it got it’s first name “Land Between Two Waters.”  We could just make out Vancouver Island in the distance across the Salish Sea.


The extensive trail system loops through some interesting micro-climates and vegetation. Coming down from Pine Bluff, I picked up the Red Trail and as I followed it further, the change in vegetation was dramatic with a profusion of low growing ferns and moss covered tree trunks.

The network of trails is well marked with signs like this at each intersection, and it’s impossible to lose one’s way. Today, it seemed as if I had the trails completely to myself, with the exception of a a couple of woodpeckers who kept me company with their rhythmic tapping on the trunks of the trees.”



*Direction to trailhead: Coming from Gibsons at the main traffic light in Sechelt turn right onto Wharf Road and then right  after 600 meters to Sechelt Inlet Road. Follow Sechelt Inlet Road for 6 kilometres to the head of the trail  marked along this road. There is a parking area off the road on the Hidden Grove side. 

*Trail Map located at entrance

*Note for dog walkers:  this is a legal off-leash area for well behaved dogs, so don’t forget to bring your favorite pooch for a great hike.

*Hidden Grove also has a dedicated website created by the Sechelt Groves Society.  Its packed full of great information and photos of the trail.

*Geocaches: Hidden Grove is a fantastic spot for geocache seekers as there are 8 geocaches on the trail! If geocaching is new for you, it’s a real-world treasure hunt, so don’t miss out on the fun.


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