Explore the Trails – Langdale Falls

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Langdale Falls

Langdale Falls1For the waterfall lovers, hikers, and mountain bikers alike– the 40 foot Langdale Falls is well worth the hike.  At just at just about 1km each way, this hike should only take about 45 minutes to an hour.   The hike is part of Sprockids Mountain Bike Park – the first officially recognized mountain bike skills park in North America and serves as a template for other communities wanting to build a community teaching park of their own. Mountain bikers will love Sprockids Park with over 14 km (8.4 mi) of trails with jumps, downhill, teeter-bars and ramps. Most of the biking routes loop back to the park centre so riders can enjoy many trails.

The trail going up to Langdale Falls is quite steep and will definitely test your cardio skills– it’s a quad burner for sure!  For bikers, this trail is rated as most difficult/advanced, with multiple steep drop offs that are best left to the most skilled bikers.  The final stretch to the falls has a climbing rope to give you that bit of extra stability over this precarious section.

As always, be careful around waterfalls– the flows will change dramatically with the seasons and the surrounding rocks will be very slippery.  Bring your camera, pack a picnic and enjoy!  Be sure to share with us using #sunshinecoastbc

Langdale Falls2
·Directions to the trailhead:  From the ferry terminal, head up Highway 101 bypass and at the top turn right onto Stewart Road.  When you reach the T-juntion, turn right for the parking lot and the trailhead is on the east side of the parking lot.

· Trail Map  (Langdale Falls trail is on the far right)

· Geocaches: Sprockids and the Langdale Falls trail are saturated with geocaches!  Don’t miss the fun of treasure hunting along your hike.




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