Explore the Trails – Sargeant Bay Provincial Park

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Sargeant Bay
sargbay3Sargeant Bay Provincial Park is located in the Halfmoon Bay area of the Sunshine Coast.  The park itself consists of a large, crescent shaped beach, a wetland area, and then on the northern end a large forested area with trails leading up to Triangle Lake. Head on down towards the beach where you’ll see the raised berm that separates the wetland and the beach– this is your trail! 
sargbay4One of my favourite things about the park is that even on a beautiful summer weekend, you will likely have lots of space to yourself to soak in your surroundings.  The trail is wide and easily accessible– you could push a stroller through here no problem which is always a plus for getting even the littlest trail-goers outside.  The trail is lined with beautiful dogwood flowers and the wetland on the northwest side and the beach on the other. 

The trail is just a short 1/2 km walk, but the prime scenary makes it more than worthwhile.  As you walk along the trail you’ll be flooded with birds chirping– in fact, 157 unique species have been seen in the park so be sure to bring your camera and a set of binoculars.  The wetland and Colvin Creek open into the bay at the far end of the trail where multiple conservation projects have been completed to help protect the salmon spawning and beaver habitats in the area. 

Be sure to take some time on the beach as well.  The giant driftwood logs lining the pebble beach are pretty spectacular, let alone the pristine view out to the Trail Islands and Sechelt.  At low tide you’ll find some great sections of sandy beach, too!

·Directions to the trailhead:  Follow Hwy 101 7km north of Sechelt into the community of Halfmoon Bay.  Take a left onto Redrooffs Rd.  The turn off for the Park is well marked on your left side. 

·Trail Map 

·Geocaches: The is one geocache along the trail, but multiple ones in the park.  Maybe its time to make another?

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