Explore the Trails – Stillwater Bluffs

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Stillwater Bluffs

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Stillwater Bluffs is home to some of the best quality sea cliff climbing in British Columbia, but still this location attracts hikers, photographers, climbers and kayakers alike. Stillwater Bluffs is the definition of “ooooo” and “ahhhh” as it’s a great place to spend a rainy morning watching the waves crashing, a sunny afternoon climbing up “The Taco”, or simply a lazy evening listening to a symphony of Sea Lions.

DSC 5234 sGive yourself approximately 1.5 hours for this 3 km loop.  To get there from the Visitor Centre take a left on Joyce Avenue and head south toward Thunder Bay, then turn left onto HWY 101. Drive for approximately 30 minutes along the highway. Shortly after passing the bridge over Eagle River, take a right turn onto Loubert Rd and then another right on to Old Schoolhouse Rd. Park here and walk around the last house at the end of the road to find the trail head. 

DSC 5253 sAt the first and second fork stay right. At the third fork turn left. Many hidden paths will branch off toward the water to view points. Shortly after coming out of the bush you will be standing over “Veggie Burger” – a rock climber’s paradise! You will also have an incredible view of Texada Island and “Sea Lion Island.”

You are now approaching the halfway mark. A trail will edge out along the bluffs and follow the shore; watch your step!  A downward slope in the trail will create a slide- you can either go down in an awkward surfer position or bring out your inner child and sit on your butt. This is the best spot to spend some time, so sit on the “Stone Throne” and watch the world go by or possibly see some whales! At this point there will be no obvious path or marking. Use common sense and continue safely. Keep an eye out for moss on the bluffs heading upward and back into the bush. You know you are going the right way if you see rock formations that resemble inuksuks by your side. Soon you will come to a very large hollowed out burnt cedar; continue straight past it until you come to a downed log with seven notches taken out of it. Follow the rock path out of the trail to finish. Walk up Hollingsworth road past the houses, the coop of chickens and the bikini mannequin mowing a lawn. Take a left on Scotch Fir Road and head back to Loubert Road where your car is parked.

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