Explore the Trails – Suicide Creek Trail

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suicide creek4LENGTH & DIFFICULTY

7.6 km  | 2.5 hours |  Moderate

The Suicide Creek Trail is a perfect hike for families and beginners because it is well-marked and the picnic area and bridges provide an enjoyable hiking experience.

The beginning of the trail is characterized by beautiful trees covered with moss. Even though the Suicide Creek Trail is a flat area, watch your feet as tree roots are very prominent. There are two fabulous bridges to cross – Four Roads Bridge and Koleszar Krosssuicide creek1ing. The rocky area bellow is a beautiful spot and it is located a few metres down after the Fern Falls. (around half way through the hike).


suicide creek2

From the Powell River Visitor Centre, turn right on Joyce Ave and go straight towards Manson Ave. Turn left on Manson, then right onto Cassiar and left on Yukon. Go straight for 1km and turn right at Haslam Street. Go straight for 700m and keep to your right just before the signs for inland lake. Then turn right at the 3 stop signs. Keep going straight and turn left on a small bridge at the end of Duck Lake. Drive 1.8 km and park on the right side of the Road. The trail heads south from this point.

  • 1st Access Point: 5.3 km after the end of the paved road used to get to Duck Lake.
  • 2nd Access Point: 500m after the first access you will see a sign for the Taylor Way/Cable Trail. Park on the left side of the road and you will find the Suicide Creek trail entrance on the direct opposite side of the Taylor Way sign. Regardless of which access you decide to take, the hike will bring you back to Burma Road 500 metres away from your vehicle.


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