The Sunshine Coast prides itself on being a place of rural living amid wild natural places that provide adventure, rest, and rejuvenation for its residents and visitors alike. We want to invite respectful visitors who are committed to preserving and protecting these attributes, for our enjoyment now and for generations to come.

Sustainable Sunshine Coast is a partnership of organizations who are managing the Sunshine Coast’s capacity for sustainable tourism through outreach, shared best practices, and connecting visitors, operators, and locals to resources and innovative ideas. With more visitors and locals demanding sustainable operations, reducing our footprint is better for the planet and the bottom line. We support tourism business operations and experiences on the Coast that are low impact and regenerative, and that shrink the ecological and carbon footprints of tourism operations while providing rich and memorable visitor experiences. 

This is a collective effort. We are on this journey together. We aim to share our ideas, successes, and challenges and encourage everyone who lives here and visits to do the same.

Visitor Actions

As a visitor, there are things you can do to help the Sunshine Coast on its sustainability journey, including:

Conserving Water
Drinking water resources are under significant strain during the drier summer months. Check local watering restrictions when you arrive.

Choosing Greener Transportation
Bikes, electric vehicles, car sharing, and public transit are encouraged when visiting the Coast.

Leaving No Trace
This basic set of principles is vital for visitors to our region.  Pick up after yourself, leave areas undisturbed for future enjoyment, and always check campfire rules.

Visiting During the Off-season
Late fall, winter, and spring are incredible times to visit the Sunshine Coast.  

Being WildSafe
Learn about the types of wildlife you may encounter—and how to reduce conflict. 

Reducing  Your Consumption
Just as you might at home, turn off the lights when you leave, bring a reusable water bottle or coffee mug, and avoid single-use plastic.

Being Respectful
When it all boils down, we simply ask that visitors be respectful of the Coast’s places and spaces, and everyone who calls the Sunshine Coast home.

In the Community

Local businesses are doing their part to promote a sustainable Sunshine Coast. While visiting, you may see things such as water conservation tip lists  in your hotel room, Sustainable Sunshine Coast stickers and posters in restaurants, or  web badges on local websites to promote things such as water conservation and green transportation.

Business Resources

Sunshine Coast businesses can join the Sustainable Sunshine Coast initiative for free. Click here to learn more.

Stay in Touch

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