Sustainable Sunshine Coast is a partnership of organizations who are managing the Sunshine Coast’s capacity for sustainable tourism through outreach, shared best practices, and connecting visitors, operators and locals to resources and innovative ideas. With more visitors and locals demanding Sustainable Operations, reducing our footprint is better for the planet and the bottom line.

We support tourism business operations and experiences on the Coast that are more low impact, regenerative and shrink ecological and carbon footprints of tourism operations while providing rich and memorable visitor experiences. We choose to conserve water, adopt more sustainable travel choices, more energy efficient systems, waste less and choose less fossil fuels.

This is a collective effort. We are on this journey together. We aim to share our ideas, successes, and challenges and encourage everyone who lives here and visits to do the same.

Things you can do:

  • We can all take steps to conserve water and choose greener transportation choices
  • If you host visitors, download this tip list and let your guests know we need their help too!
  • Active green transportation choices are good for all of us
  • A great place to start is to change one weekly vehicle trip to a green active choice 
  • Share your actions with us, using #sustainablesunshinecoast

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