Explore the Trails – The Knuckleheads

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LENGTH & DIFFICULTY: 4km + | 2 hours minimum | Moderate

Where else can you snowshoe in fresh mountain powder in the morning, and play a round of golf in the afternoon? A true four-season destination, Powell River is home to the Knuckleheads, a winter recreation haven, perfect for skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling with two cabins available to warm yourself after a day of fun in the snow. Ascend & descend in one day, or spend the night in warmth in one of the cabins and go on day snowshoe excursions from there. Each cabin has a sleeping loft, pellet stove, picnic table, and a propane cook stove.

The elevation of the sub-alpine area of the Knuckleheads falls within the Coastal Snowbelt; snowfall usually begins at November and continues until May. Largely the area is on the north slope of the range and remains sheltered from the sun. Snow can stay on the ground until as late as June. Snow depth ranges from 10 feet to 16 feet around January.

This is a beautiful wilderness area where experienced people can find recreation that isn´t ´canned´, benefit from set ski trails and the comfort of warming huts.  The recreation area is approximately 3 miles by 2 miles (unofficial) of gently sloped terrain. The area is part of the provincial forest that is maintained as a working forest, a portion has been logged and replanted, the clear-cut areas and the old logging roads areknuckleheads 1 very suitable for winter travelling on either skis or snowshoes.  Snowshoe equipment rentals are available in Powell River.

Information courtesy of Tourism Powell River.





knuckleheads 4From Highway 101, make a turn onto Dixon Road and continue driving for 3 miles where you will make a turn at Lois Lake onto the MacMillan Bloedel Stillwater Mainline. After 7.5 miles of travel distance, look for the Tin Hat Junction – from there continuing past Horseshoe Creek, Freda Creek and at the 13 km mark turn left at the Third Lake Road Junction. On your right “A” branch will show up at about the 15 km mark. Continue your journey over a bridge for 1 km turning right onto “E” branch. Almost there, keep driving for 2 miles to the “E” branch and “E100” junction, stay right for 1 km to the gate. Park here and secure your vehicle.

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